11+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

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11+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

11+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

When it comes to the commercial building, a modern barndominium designs more popular especially in the United States. This residential style does not only looks magnificent but also sturdy due to the steel frame.

Currently, it works as the destination for those who live in the urban areas. When they want a weekend getaway, they usually stay in their barndominium. However, the barn was normally used to store harvest and large livestock based on American history.

There are some benefits of having this one. The construction is relatively easier than the others. Then, it gives you the versatile remodeling.

You also spend less money on barndominium development. It does not require regular exterior maintenance. And it is such big abodefor your unique spaces and extra storages.

Do not let the regret kick in by not taking its advantages. If you see it marvelous and interesting, put it on your next project.

11+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

Since that is news to you, we have assembled brilliant inspirations to help you out. They all are on the hot trends. So, make sure you check these out!

1. Compact yet Outstanding

This sleek barndominium surely tugs at your heart. Who can resist to spend a few days in the mind-relaxing atmosphere surrounded by trees.

It features vaulted ceiling, but in the simplified way. The pitched ceiling opens up the entire space at its best. While the polished wood siding and pastel sand shade boost a sense of modernism.

2. White Wash Wood

As the picture shows, this barndonominium showcases well-defined lines. You won’t find them in the traditional barn for sure.

The rectangular glass windows bring more sunlight into a room. Steel porch posts exude the stylish flavor. The white exterior also injects clean, open, and minimalist look.

3. With a Basement

If you think about the floor plan of your barndominium, give this idea a shot. Because it has the basement. It can be transformed into your office, guest bedroom, playroom, or a man cave.

Moreover, its exterior is painted in soothing colors, pale olive, and ivory. They make the entire area feel trendy and welcoming.

4. Farmhouse-Inspired Barn Home

Do you have extended family? Go for it then. This two-storey living quarters totally looks like farmhouse and barn at the same time.

You can alter it into a restaurant, grocery store, or motel. We guarantee its eldorade stones instantly catch the eyes of your guests too. Red roofs and porch ornaments add a pop of perky color to the house.

5. Stairs and Sectioned Sofa

One word to describe thisbarndominium is fabulousness. The wood and metal staircase creates rustic touch. Furthermore, there is a nearby living room.

You can see the crisp lines clearly. They depict the minimalistic lifestyle for certain. The indoor plants help soften the unfussy design. Thanks to them, the space does not feel monotonous anymore.

6. Large Glass Panels

This inground home is the place you want to move in right? It is supremely cozy and captivating. And it displays the beauty of simple lines.

The glass panels next to black-painted exterior siding emanate a modern air. They give you a good amount of sunlight and panoramic sights as well.

7. Alluring and Chic

Look at this barn-themed dwelling! It is completely homey, warm and inviting. Thanks to the delightful wood details.

In additon, its interior design feels more complete with the presence of white chandeliers. These light fixtures offer the stylishness. And the potted plants liven up the whole area. No doubt, they impress all your guests.

8. Tiny Cabin for Private Hideaway

Have you dreamed of tranquil personal sanctuary? This barndominium is the best option for you. It perfectly resembles the vacation cabin.

The flat roof, glass wall and doors evoke tastefully minimalist flavor. While the wood deck and plank siding scream for rusticism. They blend with the vegetations in a harmonious way.

9. Lovely Barndominium with a Garage

The homeowner builds this modern barn and erect the smaller one for the car garage. We find them truly appealing.
Corrugated metal sidings do not only add the nice texture to the home, but also provide the modern industrial vibes.

Plus, the glass windows let you get more natural light to your abode.

10. Greenhouse-Like Barn House

Do you want to save money on energy bills? This ingenius idea is the way to go. Just install plenty of giant glass panels. They will pamper your eyes with the stunning nature view too.

This building also has an underground pool. It serves as the wow factor here. The modern concrete walkway produces a sense of order. And the grass rounds out barndominium.

11. Renovated Barndominium Kitchen

You can achieve the modern look as long as your kitchen features refined rock. One of the most ravishing materials is granite.

Like the picture above, the granite countertops lend the culinary space trendy layout. Be sure you choose neutral tones such as grey, black, or white.

11+ Great Ideas for Modern Barndominium Design to Inspire You

12. Prefabricated Barn Home

Building the barndominium from the scratch seems out of reach? Just order the lumber pole barn kits. We promise your life will be much easier. The building potentially serves as a representative office.

Although they are manufactured version, you may be interested to modify the building. For instance, you can build the entryway with staircase.

13. Modern Barndominium Bedroom

The homeowner of this bedchamber is obviously a fan of modern architecture. Even, the vaulted beams and wood bed frame are kept minimal.

Additionally, the enormous glass panels produce modern aesthetic. Here, the ceiling light steals the show. And the potted plants add some life to the room.

14. Prairie-Style Living Room

Yes, the prairie decor is really classic. But, the dweller delivers modern twist to the interior design.

The white panel walls display the straight lines gorgeously. Moreover, the wooden tables with hairpin legs are so eye-catching and trendy. The black ceiling fan does not only cool you off on scorching summer days but also lend the space fashionable charm.

It is the year of barndominium. So, do not miss out the chance on having your dream retreat. You can mix and match those modern barndominium design styles for sure.