15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Remodel Your Small Bathroom Fast and Inexpensively

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15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Remodel Your Small Bathroom Fast and Inexpensively

15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Remodel Your Small Bathroom Fast and Inexpensively

After a hectic day, all you need is taking a bath or warm shower. It definitely relaxes your muscles as well as relieving your stress quickly. However, if you find the lavatory uninviting and boring, then you have to look for an unbelievably amazing bathroom remodel ideas.

Major renovation is the crucial thing. You also get many big advantages in the future. For instance, the buyers will think your home is seriously worth the money.

So, it actually helps yield the investment return. Not only that, you can enjoy your fresh-looking and marvelous bathroom.

In the past few years, the modern design really captivated the hearts of dwellers. And it still becomes the hot trend now. Because it emphasizes on the incorporating trendy features and clean lines into the area.

Those two characters will make yours like never before. Plus, the comfort is second to nothing.

Here, we gathered up some inspirations for you. They includes the ideas for your lighting, showers, hardwares, right colors, fixtures, and more. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Remodel Your Small Bathroom Fast and Inexpensively

1. The Floating Vanity

In case space in your home is at premium, go for this idea. Replace your old-fashioned cabinetry with a floating vanity. Because the wall-mounted sink vanity makes your bathroom feel more larger than it actually does.

You can also clean the whole area faster. Not to mention, it lets the air flow better all around the area.

2. With a Panoramic View

If you ever wished you had a dreamy spa-like bathing chamber, it is time to turn it into reality. First of all, you must build a supremely stylish sunken bathtub. It exudes the resort atmosphere.

Then, the giant glass wall in front of the tub offers the breathtaking garden sights to you. What a dreamy oasis!

3. Stunning Sparkle in The Bathroom

Inject theluxurious touch into your personal sanctuary using metallic mosaic tiles. As you can see, the reflective walls evoke the contemporary flair and jazz up the space too. They match perfectly with the grey wooden floor. Even though the lavatory is in neutral scheme, it does not seem stark at all.

4. Sunny and Airy Escape

This marble shower is not only lavish, but also bright and open. Thanks to the frameless glass doors. They truly bring more sunlight into the space.

Switching out the dated ones with them also enlarges your tiny bathroom as well. Additionally, they showcase the minimalist aesthetic.

5. Bold and Chic Flooring

This bathing chamber predominantly has white space shade scheme. Interestingly, the homeowner does an impressive color upgrade by installing floor tiles in rich color and patterns. They steal the spotlight in no time.

Plus, the floor exhibit cheery ambience throughout the whole area. No bland shower room anymore!

6. The Outstanding Ergonomic Design

If you love something curvy, give this idea a chance. Instead of building separated showering and bathing areas, you have to pick a bathtub with an integrated glass door.

It does not only make use of your small space, but also lends your bathroom fashion-forward look. And a red armchair adds the sexiness to the entire zone. Click here for more bathroom renovations and additions ideas.

15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Remodel Your Small Bathroom Fast and Inexpensively

7. Bright and Opulent

When it comes to the bathroom remodeling, you need to consider a crystal chandelier as the main light. It illuminates your lavatory after the dark with its dazzling glow.

Furthermore, it doubles as the showstopper. Swap your wall sconces for this one immediately. Be ready as your jaw will drop.

8. High-Tech Retreat

The LED lighting is great addition to the bathing chamber. We promise you can get a huge impact instantly. It seriously saves the energy and adorns the whole space. In this bathroom, the blue LED light makes the rectangular mirror standout against the beige-painted wall. It is what you ask for, right?

9. Integrated Sinks

They can be a nice choice for your lavatory renovation. Because the built-in sinks will showcase the sleek and seamless design. In addition, they give your bathroom the ultra-minimalist touch like nothing else.

The undermount sinks are able to provide you the same effect. Both of them are low-maintenance for sure.

10. Paint Your Walls for New Nuance

When you are on a tight budget, it is the way to go. All you have to do is painting your walls in vibrant hue color. In this bathing chamber, the homeowner goes for the red.

A combination of red and yellow really brings the playful vibes into the bathroom. While the halfway up the walls are covered with wood panels.

11. Exquisite Granite Countertop

With the granite surface, the floor wooden cabinets looks more pleasing. Because it has intricately mesmerizing veins. The white-toned bathroom also does not appear to be monotonous anymore. No wonder, granite is the most sought-after countertop material.

12. Shower Accent Tiles

Since the tiles get more expensive, you can use them just for accentuating the high-impact zone. In this white-themed bathing chamber, the sage green mosaic tiles are only seen in the shower area. They truly add an invigorating pop of shade to the bathroom. It is so dreamy, isn’t it?

13. Built-in Seating

Don’t ignore the small details! Unless you want to regret later. Although, the bench seems unimportant for you, it creates a great difference. The shower bench is tiled to fit nicely with the floor. For low-cost option, you just need to place a cushioned chair in front of the sink.

14. Waterproof Television

During the bathroom breaks, people generally play games on their smartphones. But you can go an extra mile by installing waterproof television in your built-in wall cabinet.

Add a fireplace and sound system to the space as well. We guarantee you get hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Learn more popular basement ceiling ideas.

15. Refinished Bathtub

If your old bathtub is made out of fiberglass, porcelain or cast iron, we suggest you to refinish it. The cost is obviously lower than buying the new one. Need a proof? In this lavatory, the Victorian white tub gets more ravishing. Don’t you like it?

With those bathroom remodel ideas, we are sure you know where to begin now. It is your own choice to opt for either a simple facelift or an overall update. If you renovate your living space without wrecking your budget, go for cost-effective options. For a dramatic change, just pick the glamorous ways.