EXIT Realty Corp. International has a unique ingredient; one that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Known as the EXIT Formula, this new earnings generator has been specifically engineered to enhance the return on invested time for brokers and salespeople alike.

Thanks to this proven Formula and business model, EXIT’s trajectory has been set to include the opening of 3,600 franchises in North America with over 100,000 sales representatives by the year 2020.

Here’s how EXIT’s Formula of single-level residuals works: when a salesperson is introduced to management and is recruited into the company, each transaction that they close generates a Sponsoring Bonus. And not only is EXIT’s Formula perpetual, but it’s also portable. EXIT Associates can sponsor recruits into any EXIT office across North America.  

10% Sponsoring Bonus

Equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by each person an EXIT Associate recruits, payable to the sponsor via EXIT’s head office, not deducted from the recruit.

7% Retirement Residuals

Sponsoring Bonuses convert into 7% Retirement Residuals when an EXIT Associate takes a break from real estate or retires. The EXIT Associate can further enhance these residuals during that time by continuing to sponsor.

5% Beneficiary Benefits

Thanks to a pre-determined beneficiary, an EXIT Associate’s Retirement Residuals convert into 5% Beneficiary Benefits, which provide security for their loved one for as long as their recruits stay with EXIT and generate sales.